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Making a Splash: The Thrilling Evolution of Water Parks in India

Published On: 31 October 2023

Get ready for an aquatic revolution sweeping across India! The nation's water parks are not just evolving; they are making waves of innovation, excitement, and an unyielding dedication to safety. The Indian Association of Amusement Parks and Industries (IAAPI) stands as a driving force in this transformation, fostering an industry that delivers boundless joy to countless visitors.

At the core of this change lies India's distinction as a global manufacturing hub for water park equipment. The country boasts a myriad of manufacturers celebrated for their top-notch products. Armed with cutting-edge research and development divisions, these companies consistently push the boundaries of technology. The healthy competition among these manufacturers ensures that water parks have access to the latest innovations, providing visitors with diverse and exhilarating experiences.

The operational dynamics of water parks in North and South India differ due to regional disparities. The seasonal climate in the North poses challenges, limiting water park operations to specific months However, the winter season is only 23 months, unlike in Western countries. During off-seasons, these parks employ inventive strategies such as hosting events like weddings and parties, offering enticing discounts, using heated, warm water for the pools, and ensuring a steady flow of visitors even in quieter months. Investors are also planning to create indoor water parks with adjustable roofs over the rides to keep the winter season busy.

In contrast, southern India benefits from a tropical climate, allowing water parks to operate year-round. The consistent weather pattern ensures a reliable influx of visitors, making Southern water parks a consistent source of entertainment and revenue. These parks significantly contribute to local tourism and enhance the region's reputation as a hub for leisure and recreation.

IAAPI plays a pivotal role in fostering collaboration and networking within the industry. The association's annual expos, summits, and training programs provide essential platforms for industry professionals to connect, share ideas, and explore innovative technologies. An emerging trend among water park operators is the incorporation of themed elements and captivating stories within their parks. These operators are investing in creating immersive experiences that transport visitors into fantastical worlds. By infusing their parks with themes ranging from ancient civilizations to mythical adventures, operators aim to provide customers with unforgettable and immersive journeys, enhancing their overall enjoyment.

Under the vigilant eyes of Mr. Pradeep K. Sharma, Chairman of the Safety Committee of IAAPI, safety remains paramount. Mr. Sharma states, "Ensuring safety within the water park industry is not just a commitment; it's our responsibility. IAAPI is taking proactive measures to raise awareness among both water park equipment manufacturers and park operators about the paramount importance of safety. We are working collaboratively with government authorities, striving to establish stringent safety standards that will resonate across the entire amusement industry. By fostering this awareness and collaboration, we are not just creating thrilling experiences; we are ensuring they are safe and secure for every visitor."

Water quality and water hygiene in the waterpark are of prime importance as thousands of visitors enter the same water in the pools daily. Park operators therefore maintain the chemical standards specified by the BIS for pool water pH value, turbidity, residual chlorine content, dissolved solids and gases, total coliform, etc. during the continuous water distillation process during park hours. Trained lifeguards with modern scientific safety instruments and CCTV cameras all around the park to assure the safety of each visitor.

As the industry continues to evolve, water parks in India are not merely places of leisure; they are vibrant spaces where every splash, every slide, and every smile reflect the collective spirit of progress, innovation, and safety. With IAAPI's guidance, manufacturers' ingenuity, and regional parks' creativity, the future of water parks in India promises a thrilling adventure for all who seek joy in the waves of entertainment and the assurance of safety.