Member Code of Conduct

IAAPI requires its members to observe a code of conduct outlining responsibilities:-
  • To maintain safety as the highest priority in their businesses of park facility/rides and attractions manufacturer/Indoor Amusement Centre and to comply with all applicable standards, laws and regulations.
  • To conduct their businesses on the highest plane of integrity, honesty and social responsibility.
  • To provide clean, wholesome, and safe entertainment for their guests, maintaining the highest standards in quality and service and to do business in environmentally responsible way to minimize environment impact.
  • To foster and maintain a spirit of cooperation and fair dealing for buyers and sellers, maintaining the principles of confidentiality, intellectual property protection, and agreed contractual terms.
  • For any incident happening in members' facilities or for any representations/nominations required to be made to any concerned authority nationally or internationally which may affect/relate the industry as a whole and the reputation of the Association; should be promptly intimated to the President of the Association or to any concerned authorized representatives designated by the Association's Board of Directors to review/endorse/assist and ratify same.
  • To establish and maintain cordial and respectful relations with their fellow members nation-wide. None of the members will directly or indirectly undermine their competitors whether it is a park facility or a manufacturer of amusement park rides/rides components or attractions.

We believe that these principles must be carried out by each member individually in order to foster and promote our industry and to protect its excellent reputation of delivering safe family fun.