IAAPI Chairman Mr. Shrikant Goenka and his team of office bearers including its International Committee Chair Mr. VGP Ravidas, were invited by IAAPA, the international leading organization of Amusement attractions on the sidelines of IAAPA ASIA AMUSEMENT EXPO on 14.06.2023.

Mr. Jim Pattison Jr, present IAAPA chair with his team of office bearers led the meeting on their behalf.

Fruitful discussion took place on facilitating various cooperation arrangements between IAAPA & IAAPI so that going forward it should help Attraction Associations’ global members at large leveraging on strength and on key resources of both these associations.

IAAPI Chairman Mr. Shrikant Goenka stated that this is the first such organized meeting between these two leading Amusement Attractions Industry Associations, and it will pave the way for a stronger relation, exchange of ideas and cooperation for the growth of this Industry in India.

Meeting @ ARKI – Indonesia, @ Philippines Amusement Association, @ MATFA & @ Bangladesh Amusement Association

On the side lines of IAAPA Asia EXPO, IAAPI office bearers & its International committee chair also met various Asia Pacific Amusement Associations heads Mr Rachmat Sutiono, Founding Member, Mr. Taufik A. Wumu, Chairman of ARKI, Indonesia, Mr Mario Mamon, President – Philippines Amusement Association (PAA), Mr. Richard CK KoH, President (MATFA) & Bangladesh Amusement Association Members. The cooperation arrangements discussed were:

  • Trade Delegation from ARKI, PAA, MATFA, and Bangladesh to visit IAAPI Trade show 2024.
  • IAAPI Trade delegation of Amusement Parks & IAC operators to visit Indonesia, Malaysia & Philippines – Learning tour with B2B & B2G meetings to be organized by ARKI, MATFA, & PAA.
  • Special rates for Indian manufacturers participating in EXPO of these Associations.

(Meeting with Mr. Rachmat Sutiono, Founding Member & Mr Taufik A. Wumu, Chairman of – ARKI)

(Meeting with Mr. Richard CK KoH, President – MATFA)  (Meeting with Mr Mario Mamon, President – PhilippinesAmusement Association)

IAAPI Chairman Mr. Shrikant Goenka who led all these meetings stated that these meetings which were first such organized meetings with these Associations and were extremely satisfactory. It will now bring these organizations closer to cooperate with each other for the benefit of all the members of these Associations in the Asia Pacific.

IAAPI @ MATFA Golden Horse Awards

Malaysian Association of Theme Parks & Family Attractions (MATFA) Golden Horse award ceremony was held on 10 June, 2023 at the Genting Convention Centre. Mr VGP Ravidas – International Relations, Chairman, IAAPI represented IAAPI at the Award Ceremony. More than 700 guests from the Asian Continent and other parts of the world were present at the award ceremony.

Mr. Richard CK Koh, President MATFA & Deputy Minister for Tourism – Malaysia felicitated and presented a memento to Mr Ravidas representing IAAPI.

(Mr VGP Ravidas – Past President & International Relations – Chairman, IAAPI felicitated at MATFA Award ceremony)